Who knows edge, where the sky shines ...

Do you know the country ...
Wilh. mostly.

by cranberry, of cranberries,
according to berry, of cranberries ...

Who knows edge, where the sky shines
ineffable blue,
Where the sea is warm waves
Around the ruins silently roar;
Where eternal laurel and cypress
In the wild proudly razraslis;
Where he sang the majestic Torquato;
Where he is now in the darkness of night
Adriatic wave
Repeated it an octave;
Where Rafael depict;
Where today cutter Canova
Obedient marble enlivened,
And Byron, martyr harsh,
suffered, I loved and cursed?

magic Valley, magical region,
Country High inspiration,
Lyudmila beholds your ancient paradise,
Your prophetic seni.

On the shore of magnificent waters
Sometimes the carnival orgy
All around her people buzzing;
Her enthusiasm welcome.
Lyudmila northern beauty,
All together - languid and lively,
Sons Ausones captivates
And inevitably drags
Their variegated wave of a.

At midday nature paradise,
On heaven shine, in the clear water,
Miracles dumb Arts
In cramped inspired feelings
Lyudmila bright eyes erects,
Marveling and rejoicing in the soul,
And there is nothing in front of him
Finds itself perfectly.
Is it worth the importance of eyes
Before florentiyskoyu Kipridoy,
Their two ... and marble in front of her
suffer, it seems, resentment.
Dreams full of sublime,
In the silence if she looks
The image of the gentle Fornarina,
Or Madona young,
She pensive beauty
Adorable picture ...

Tell me: a singer,
Grief delight Most Tender,
whose brush, whose fiery chisel
Betray future generations amazed
Its heavenly features?
Where are you, sculptor ring
Goddess of eternal beauty?
And you, Harith crowned,
You, inspired Rafael?
Forget the young Jewess,
Baby-god cradle,
Realize the unearthly beauty,
Realize the joy in heaven,
Write us another Mary,
With another baby in her arms.

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