By Rodzyanko

You promised romanticism,
Wherein ye Parnasskii atheism,
To talk more with me,
Poltava muses tell secrets,
А пишешь мне об ней одной…
Not, it is clear, My dear,
Not, are you in love, Piron Ukraine!

You're right: which may be important
Beautiful woman in the world?
Smile, gaze of her eyes
Zlata expensive and honor,
Expensive fame raznoglasnoy ...
We'll talk about it again.

wave, my friend, its hunt,
Pootdohnuv, give birth to children,
Like his mother,;
And happy, who will share with her
This very pleasant care:
It will not impose a yawn,
Give god, so that only Hymen
Meanwhile, extended its slumber.

But I do not agree with you,
I do not approve of divorce!
Firstly, faith sacred duty,
The law and the very nature of ...
And secondly, I note I,
decorous husbands
For smart women need:
When their friends home
Or just visible, il invisible.
trust, my dear,
One another helps,
And the sun marriage overshadows
Star shameful love.

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