from A. Chenier

Cover, plump sarcastically blood,
Centaur mstyaschyy gift, jealous love
Alcides transferred. Alcides hast taken his,
The divine blood ran fast poison.
Se - the ardent martyr, wandering in the night, howls;
Feet serious top Eta digs;
Oppression, ache Drewes; Histalkut stumps
high piles; his hand are
The fire piled; He lit them; he rises;
Motionless on the fire in the sky, he raises the eye;
Under the muscle Mace; at the feet of Nemean lion
Razostlan. wind blew; He rose whistle and roar;
Crackling fire burns; and shortly flame, grow,
Takes to the skies the immortal spirit of the hero.

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Alexander Pushkin
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