Budrys and His Sons

Three have Budrys son, as he was, three Lytvyn.
He came to interpret the lads.
“Children! saddles do, horses spend,
Yes sharpen swords with hammers.

This message is valid: on three sides of the world
Three scheming in Vilna hike.
Paz goes on Poles, and Algirdas on cockroaches,
And Russian Kestut governor.

People you young, athletes daring
(Yes you keep Lithuanian gods!),
Today I have not the food, you I send to victory;
three of you, Now you and three roads.

Will all of the award: let alone in Novegrade
To profit from the Russian production.
their wives, in salaries, in precious clothes;
houses full of; rich with their custom.

And another of cockroaches, of the Damned kryzhakov,
A lot can get expensive,
Money from the whole world, cloth of bright color;
Amber - that the sand of the sea there.

Third with groove on Lyaha let strikes without fear:
In Poland, little wealth and splendor,
Sabers take there is not bad; but it is true there
He will bring me home a daughter.

There is not more beautiful than the queen of Polish girls.
Vesela - that kitten stove -
And like a rose blush, a white, that sour;
The eyes shine like two candles!

was I, children, younger, Poland I also went
And from there he brought himself Zhonka;
That century survive, and always remember
On nee, how to look at that side.”

Sons with him goodbye and set off on the road.
waits, pozhdet their old housewifely,
Days of days holds, no one comes.
Budrys thought: already seen killed!

Snow falls on the ground, darling son rushes,
And under the burden of a large Bourke.
"What you have given? there? to! Do not rubles?»
- "Not, my father; Pole Mlada ".

Fluffy snow falls; rider with racing nosheyu,
Black cloak covering her.
"What is under the cloak? Whether colored cloth?»
- "Not, my father; Pole Mlada. "

Snow falls on the ground, a third nosheyu rushes,

Her black cloak covers.
Old Budrys is busy and does not want to ask too,
A guest at the wedding three szyvaet.

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Alexander Pushkin
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