All red knights stables…

All red knights stables:
cleanliness, servants and horses;
All satisfied with good horses:
nurse, stalls and supervision.
Harness shine on stands of oak,
In the stables the horses glistened greyhounds.
Only one stables are useless -
Brownie got into the habit in the stables.
At night he goes to the stables
cleans, groom horses boyars,
Braiding the mane them braids,
Tight tail tied in a knot.
As he did not vzljubili raven.
At the dawn of the evening with watering
I'll go knights stables
And I will go to the black stall -
The horse should not defective and lowly.
And in the morning otopresh stable,
Not those Cogne, all in a lather, heat radiates,
With the muzzle dripping bloody foam.
In the house all night went on it
on the mountains, Forests, through the swamps,
From midnight to white light
Before sunset month

Oh you, old groom unreasonable,
Do unravel, old, riddle?
Loved Red girl Mlada groom,
Mlada groom, riotous guy -
He unlocks the stables at night,
Potyhonko Voronoi sedlaet,
Polegonku displays behind the gate,
On the horse sits on Borzov,
To the girl in a red guests rides.

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Alexander Pushkin
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