To explain to you the beginning of the Board… (the beginning of the comedy "Measure for Measure")

To explain to you the beginning of the Board
It would be superfluous for me to work -
You do not need anyone's advice. - knowledge
Above all, you yourself. I just
In the left you rely.
national spirit, laws, the course of the Management Board
You correctly comprehended, than anyone else was b.
Here you ordered: b we were desirable,
So you do not recoil from him.
Call us Angelo.
What he will
According to your in our place?
You know, that he assigned us
We replace the absence of, what we
And mercy, and fear, and they clothed
Viceroy of all our power, What
On it you will wrinkle?

If the whole Vienna
This honor is worthy of anyone,
So it's Angelo.

Here it goes.

Obey your gracious will,
I hasten to take your orders.

Angelo, Your life is a
the, that with you accomplished in the future.

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Alexander Pushkin
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