Manor peace invisible protector of,
I pray thee, my kind of house,
food selenye, forest and wild garden, my
And my family the modest abode!
Do not harm the fields of dangerous coldness rain
And the wind of late autumn raids;
Yes, at the time of beneficial snow
Fat cover wet fields!
Ostanʹsâ, secret guardian, in hereditary seni,
Realize the midnight thief timidity
And from the unfriendly eye
Happy House Protection!
Walk around his careful patrol,
I love my small garden and shore sleepy waters,
And this secluded garden
With the gate of the Old, with the collapse of the fence!
Love the green slope of the hills,
meadows, I wrinkled my wandering laziness,
Cool lindens and maples, noisy shelter -
They are familiar Inspiration.

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Alexander Pushkin
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