In captivity, dull fade
Hardly developed life color,
Stealthily Mladost flies,
And then ff - Printing after.
With minutes insensitive birthday
Prior to the tender young age
I still do not know the delights,
And happiness in the heart of the languid no.

On the threshold of life in remote
I eagerly looked:
"There, there, - I dreamed, - Enjoyment!»
But I'm a ghost flying.
Golden wings developing,
Magic delicate beauty
Love was young
And flew in front of me.

I followed ... but a distant goal,
But the goal is not reached cute!..
When will the fun okrilenny
There will come a moment of happiness fast?
When in a blaze kindled
Lamp dim young days
And my gloomy path illumined
Smile to my companion?

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Alexander Pushkin
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