Homesickness! A long time - Tsvetaeva

Homesickness! then
Unveiled confusion!
I do not care -
Where quite lonely

Be, for some stones home
Brest with purse marketplace
In the house, and not knowing, that - my,
As a hospital or barracks.

I do not care, any among
Officials bristle prisoners
Lev, from a human environment
Being excluded - certainly -

In itself, in the one-man senses.
Kamchatka medvedom without ice floes
Where not get along (and tschus!),
Where stoop - I may be one.

Not enticed and language
mother, his call Milky.
I do not care - on what
Huh be counter!

(reader, newspaper tons
swallowers, doiltsem gossip ...)
Twentieth century - he,
And I - for ages before any!

Ostolbenevshy, like a log,
Remaining from the mall,
All I - equal, I do not care,
AND, may be, all the same -

Native former - all.
All signs with me, all meta,
All dates - vanished:
Soul, born - somewhere.

So me no end incoast
My, and that the most keen detective
Along the bottom of the heart, all - across!
Birthmark not syschetsya!

Every house is alien to me, everyone temple me empty,
And - still, all - Single.
But if the road - bush
Rises, especially - Rowan ...

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