Error - Tsvetaeva

when a snowflake, it is easy to fly,
As a star fallen slipping,
You take the hand - the tears melts,
And she can not return airiness.

When, captivity transparent jellyfish,
Her touch on a whim we hand,
She is, how captive, prisoner in bonds,
Suddenly turn pale and die suddenly.

When we want to moth-wanderers
Looks do not dream, and earthly profit -
Where their outfit? From them on our fingers
One dawn colored dust!

Leave with snowflakes flying moths
And do not ruin the jellyfish on the sand!
You can not miss your dream hands,
You can not dream of a handle!

impossible because, that was sadly unsteady,
To tell: "Whether passion! Woe bezumstvuy, rdey!»
Your love was a mistake, —
But without love, we are dying, enchanter!

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Alexander Pushkin
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