Our kingdom - Tsvetaeva

Possession of our kings and rich,
Their beauty does not tell the verse:
They Brooks, trees, field, stingrays
And last year's cherry in the moss.

We both - fairies, good neighbor,
Our possessions divides the dark forest.
Lying in the grass and watch, both through branches
Gleaming white cloud in the heights of heaven.

We both - fairies, but large (strangely!)
Two wild girls only see us.
What is clear to us - for them quite vague:
As in all - a fairy needs eye!

We are good. Still in bed
All senior, and the air is fresh summer,
Run to Me. Trees we swing,
run, dance, fight, stick Slash!..

But the day passed, and again fairies - children,
Which are waiting for a step which is quiet ...
Brother, this world and the happiness of being in the world
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Alexander Pushkin
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