Breaking Dawn - Pasternak

You meant everything in my life.
Then came the war, ruin,
And for a long time about you
No hearing was not, not spirit.
And after many years
Your voice alarmed me again.
All night I read your covenant
And from fainting alive.
I want people to, the crowd,
In their morning briskly.
I'm ready to smash into chips
And all to their knees.

And I ran up the stairs,
As if I leave for the first time
On the street in the snow
And extinct bridge.

everywhere stand, lights, cosiness,
Drink tea, hurry to trams.
Within a few minutes
View of the city unrecognizable.

At the gate blizzard knit network
From thickly falling flakes,
And in time to keep pace,
All under-dash Nedopil.

I feel for them for all,
As if I visited in their shoes,
I myself melting, snow melts,
I myself, as the morning, eyebrows frowning.

With me are people without names,
trees, children, homebody.
I defeated them all,
And only my victory.

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