Who minute peremozhet
Frigid mind love,
The burden of painful shackles
Her wings do not lay.
Let not laugh, not frolic,
With strict wisdom to be friends;
But again argued with reason,
Although not happy, but the door opened,
How mischievous Eros
Knocking at the gate.

I experienced by itself
Truth so the right words.
“farewell! sorry, love!
For a blind goddess,
Not for Chloe, fly,
Happiness, happiness uhvachena!” —
I fancied pride mad.
Suddenly he heard a noisy laughter,
Looked back ... and Eros
I knocked at the gate.

No! to me, it is seen, do not have
With god sim in tiff live,
And meanwhile the thread of life
Old park there spun,
Let me he owns!
Fun - my law.
Death opens the coffin terrible,
Darken the eyes clear,
And do not knock Eros
At the burial gate too!

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Alexander Pushkin
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