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Deep into the night in the fields
Long ago it was covered,
And weaknesses in pale clouds
Star of the Desert shone.
When the dying fires,
In the wrong dark fog,
Bezmolvno two stood happened
At the dimming of heights.
all sleeping; only waves rebellious murmurings
Resounds in the silence of the night,
Yes, I heard of gave deaf
Bulat clink and clatter of horse. —
A crowd of youthful riders
The oak goes silent,
Pyshut tremble and their horses,
The head shaking impatient.
Already field riders in a hurry,
Dubravы blood left zыbkoy,
Horses pat and shall afflict
And with a proud smile whispering. —
Their faces are lit with joy,
Furious fire burning eyes:
only you, warrior poet,
Unıl, as the midnight gloom,
I fade, as the autumn light.
With head, gloomily bowed,
With sorrow nestled in the chest,
Sad Duma keen,
He drives in silence in front of. —

“singer moody, that is with thee?
One before the fight you sad;
Ponyk besstrashnoyu head,
Reins and lowered his sword!
Can it be true, Slave idle bliss,
It is gratifying world of your soul,
What our violent raids
And at night expletive knocking swords? —
But the path of war, albeit dangerous,
I envy proud our destiny.
Do you die is terrible now?
You vvek amid fighting not pale.
Thee we have matured under the swords
With calm, arrogant brow,
Always among the first rows,
all there, where the battle fell thunder.
With the victory Sedin click.
Your voice is our glory sang -
And now you're depressed wild,
As a quick Warrior, speechless”. —

But slowly the sad singer
Chapter and eyes lifted,
He looked gloomily at dusk tour across
And sigh shook the chest.

“Deep sleep in the valley warlike;
Some people we race in the darkness of night,
I foresee the end of the coveted!
Calls me last fight!
Dissolve chain cruel fate,
I draw the brothers into the fire,
involve the storm! - and lonely
The valley will run my horse.

About you, that here with me
Limit laid grave,
tell: sweet tear
Does your long dream delight?
But for me, no one breathes,
I overtake the silence ...
Elvina hear news of death
And secretly, she did not breathe. —

And you, stored Fates
For the happiness of life OTRADA,
Let the lover tears
Bless your refund!
Over a cup of sweet salvation,
O brothers! remember the singer,
His love, his suffering
And the glory of the terrible end!”

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Alexander Pushkin
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  3. Pushkin

    Извините ребат но в моё время не было геликов или как они там называются лучше прочитайте Бородино????

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    not fully!

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    Sorry, but I saw a song in tick current:
    I wave my wave I wave to the great
    Is a song 2018-2019 of the year.
    У меня ещё сестра на Пушкина похож???

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    I just came here for this
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    Who too ? ???