a friend of mine, forgotten me traces of the past years…

a friend of mine, forgotten me traces of the past years
And mladosti during my rebellious.
Do not ask me about, which is no more,
That was given to me in grief and in pleasure,
What I liked, that changed me.
Let me eat the joy is not in full:
Notes, innocent, You were born to be happy.
Heartedly believe him, volatile instant catch:
Your soul is alive for friendship, for love,
For kissing lust:
Your soul clean; gloom alien to her;
bright, as a clear day, infant conscience.
Why do you listen to the madness and passion
Not an interesting story?
It is your quiet mind involuntarily unsettle;
You'll shed tears, you sodrogneshsya heart:
Trusting soul carelessness fly away.
And you my love ... maybe uzhasneshsya.
May be, forever ... No, my dearest,
I'm afraid of losing the last pleasures.
Do not ask me dangerous revelations:
Today I love, I am happy today.

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Alexander Pushkin
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