The temporal power

When the great triumph of being accomplished,
And in agony on the cross ended deity,
Then, on the sides of life-giving tree
Mary sinful and presvyataya Virgo,
We had two wives,
The immeasurable sadness submerged.
But at the foot of the cross is now honorable,
As if the porch gradskago ruler,
We are visible - put in place the holy women
The gun and shako two terrible time.
For what, tell me, hranitelnaya guard? —
Or crucifixion breech luggage,
And you boitesya thieves or mice? —
Ile crease the importance to give to the king of kings?
Ile patronage saving mighty
lord, ternyem barbed venchannoho,
Christ, Obediently betrayed his flesh
Beecham tormentors, nails and a copy?
Or fear, the ink is not offended
Togo, whose execution the whole race of Adam redeemed,
AND, so as not to press the gentlemen strolling,
Let not told here the common people?

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Alexander Pushkin
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