[And you can trust me.
How ingenuous Agnes?
In a novel, you have found,
To die of love playboy?]
look here: you thirty years,
Yes, thirty years - a little Bole.
Me for twenty; I saw the light,
He circled for a long time in it at will;
already oath, I laugh at tears;
Leprosy tire had;
You are also on your side
Treason is true tired;
to settle down, we have cooled,
Not to the article, we learn again.
We know: eternal love
Lives barely three weeks.
Since the beginning, we were friends,
but boredom, case, husband jealous ...
I pretended to be insane,
And pretend you are shy,
We swore then ... alas ...!
Then we forget our oath;
Cleon loved you,
I napersnytsu Natasha.
We parted; until then
All is well, decently,
B we could live without distant quarrels
Again and amicably and peacefully;
[But no! today morning
You suddenly in tragic heat
We revived the hoary antiquity -
You preach again
The late knights love,
Suave fervor and sadness and jealousy.
For pity's sake - no, right no.
I'm not a child, though the poet.]
When we are on the wane,
Let us leave the young ardor of passions -
You are his eldest daughter,
I'm his youngest brother:
They can be life naughty
And the tears continue to prepare itself;
Still stuck them to love,
And to us it is time to speak evil.

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Alexander Pushkin
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