from Pindemonti

Not expensive, I appreciate loud rights,
From whom no one dizzy.
I do not complain about, denied that the gods
I'm in the sweet engagement to dispute taxes,
Kings or interfere with each other to fight;
And not only me grief, freely whether printing
fools fools, il sensitive censorship
The magazine designs constrains joker.
All this, see eh, the words, the words, the words. 1

other, Most dear to me right;
other, Best needs me freedom:
Depends on the power, depend on the people -
Do we still? God is with them.
to nobody
The report does not give, currently only the most
Serve and please; for power, for liveries
Do not bend or conscience, any thoughts, no neck;
At the whim of his to wander here and there,
Marveling at the beauty of the divine nature,
And before the creation of art and inspiration
Trembling with joy in the delights of emotion.
- That happiness! that's right ...

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Alexander Pushkin
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