From Xenophanes Kolofonskogo

Clean shiny floor; glass bowls shine;
All too crowned guests; different smells, screwed up,
Sweet incense smoke; another opens amphora,
The smell of a cheerful wine pouring far away; containers
Bright icy water, golden loaves, amber
Honey and cheese young - all ready; all adorned with flowers
Altar. choirs sing. But at the beginning of the meal, the other,
Should create libations, broadcast speech blagoveschie,
Immortals must pray, da spodobyat us chystoy dushoyu
Truth blyusty: because it is easier to train and. Now we proceed:
Everyone in the measure get drunk. Beda not great
At night, returning home, servant rely; but the glory
guest, that for a cup of talks wisely and quietly!

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Alexander Pushkin
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