In my leisure to fall…

In my leisure to fall,
In days, like a pleasure for me to write,
You advise me to, other,
Story forgotten continue.
You say is true,
What's weird, even impolitely
The novel does not necessarily break,
Already giving it to the press,
What should be your hero
How else to marry,
At least kill,
And the other person outhouse,
Giving them a friendly nod,
I bring out of the maze.

You speak: “Thank God,
Meanwhile your Onegin alive,
The novel is not finished - a little
Walk straight; not any lenyv.
with glory, heeding her vocation,
Sbiralsya dues of praise and abuse
Draw and urban dandies
And his lovely ladies,
War and ball, Palace and hut,
And kelyyu and harem
And with our audience, meanwhile,
Take a modest fee,
For book five rubles -
Tax is not painful, s-s.”

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Alexander Pushkin
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