Mustache. philosophical ode

Eyes squinting into their heads curly,
Hussar with a smile stately
The thumb wrapped metal still;
Sage with a shaven beard,
Shakes his head softly,
With a sigh, said Usachev:

“pirate! everything perishable in the moonlight;
As wave after wave after,
Pass realm and centuries.
Tell, where the walls of Babylon?
Where is the drama skinny Cleon?
Dash away all the time the river.

For your ears, a mustache twirled,
Wine and sprinkled with rum,
Proud young beauty,
Do not know Shaver; Discharge
He always shines antimony,
Straightening comb and hand. —

In order not to crush the dashing mustache,
You ode to the night Khvostov
His softly obvernesh,
The nose pad to lie not dare,
And in a strong cherish his dream,
And in the morning it again zavesh. —

On long dinners fun,
In the circle of hussars turned gray
And Chernous Udal'tsov,
cheerful guest, passionate lover,
Whose health you hit the bottle?
Konya, Beauty and the mustache.

Battles will come the terrible hour,
At the core of the series with a bang burst;
And you, uharskim over the saddle,
reason, Memory does not spend:
First, curly mustache seized on,
A correct saber then.

Bound magic power,
Alone with cute beauty
You toil - with one hand,
Thrilled voluptuous bliss,
Wander around the beautiful breasts,
A formidable mustache another twist.

be proud, pirate! but remember forever,
That everything in the world is transient -
Flying hours disastrous,
Rosy cheeks turn yellow,
And black curls posedeyut,
And old age vyschiplet mustache”.

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Alexander Pushkin
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