One hundred years have passed, as teuton…

One hundred years have passed, as teuton
In the blood of the infidels paid off;
Land of the midnight rule he.
Already Prusak in shackles away,
or abbr, and Lithuania
Suffered exiled chapter.

Between hostile Brega
Strwïlsya what; - on one
Yet over the ancient walls
shone tower, and circle
ancient trees rustled,
Spirits shelter saints.
Teuton symbol - on the other
cross faith, ascends to heaven
His arms grozyaschi,
Seemed, More than grab
Wanted the whole region Palemon
And the tribe of alien law
By its sole privlachit.

With bearish skin on his shoulders,
The shaggy cap rysey, the sheer
Cullen arrows and faithful onion,
Lithuanians young, in the crowds,
On the part of one roamed
And the enemy vigilantly watched.
With another, covered Shishakov,
In armor clad, on horseback,
On guard of German, of enemies
Motionless eyes following,
pischal, with prayer, charged.

Everyone crossing guard.
Current Niemen friendly,
Witness their mutual enmity,
Prague has become eternity for them;
Relations amicable voice subsided,
And everyone, Walk the water,
He was deprived of life liberty il.
Just hop the Lithuanian coasts,
German captive Topola,
Across the river, among the reeds,
I crossed bold,
Brega nasty reached
And other tenderly embraced.
Only nightingales oak forests and mountains
According to the old enmity did not know
And in the island, general for a long time,
To each other's homes flew.

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Alexander Pushkin
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