Memory (By Pushchin)

Do You remember, my brother for a bowl,
In a welcome silence
We drowned our sorrow
In pure, frothy wine?

how, sheltered tacitly
In this dark corner,
With Bacchus basking lazily,
School guards away?

Do you remember friends whispering
Around the glasses punshevyh,
Glasses of terrible silence -
Flame tubes Groshev?

Zakipev, about, how well
Currents flowing smoky!..
Suddenly a voice terrible pedant
We came away ...

And suddenly broken bottle,
And all the glasses out the window -
Throughout the floor spilled
Punch and light wine.

Run away quickly -
Suddenly disappeared minute fear!
Cheeks rosy color playful,
Mind and heart on lips,

The laughter of pure joy,
Still, dull eyes
Changed hour hangover,
Sweet Bacchus conspiracy.

About my friends cordial!
you swear, at the table
Every year in the hours careless
Remember him wine.

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Alexander Pushkin
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