my will. friends

I want to die tomorrow
And in the world of magical delights,
On a quiet beach waters of oblivion,
Gay shadow fly away ...
Free navek, enchantment,
Joy of life and love!
Pryblyzhtes, about my friends,
Reverence and attention! —
The singer decided to die. —
so, with the evening moon,
Do not lzya turf in the garden dress
Patterned white shroud?
At dark carotid shore waters,
Where we have had our conversation,
Not lzya eh, arrange long stroke,
Carry-filled bowls?
Call for last feast
Haughty son of Semele,
Erota, our other liras,
Gods and mortals ruler,
Let the fun will come running,
Waving frolic gremushkoy,
And we laugh from the heart
For full frothy mug.
Let the playful crowd
Gathering our native muse;
They circular first cup,
Friends! us their sacred bonds;
Until the early morning star,
To the quiet dawn rays
Do not go out of the hands of the poet
Fiala sister series;
The last time my harp,
Sweet Dreams singer,
Press to enthusiastic chest.
Last time, tormented gently,
I do not remember eternity and friends;
The last time snow on chest
Upyus delight young days!

When will become rich east
In the darkness Lucifer young,
And the white poplar illumined,
Covered with morning dew,
Submit cluster Anacreon;
He was my teacher:
And I will come down by one
On a sad shore of Acheron ...
Sorry, dear friends,
Bring hand; Goodbye!
And give, give a promise,
When ever I ukroyus,
My testament to fulfill.
come, singer dear,
Vospevshiй called Bacchus and TEMIRA.
I give you I'm too lazy and lyre;
Let them be over you ... Muse
You will not forget our friendship,
About Leo, windy sage!
Accept my deep bowl
Faded myrtle wreath!
Friends! I leave your heart
And the memory of past days, red,
Bound happy laziness
On a bed of poppies and Lily;
My poems give to oblivion,
Last breath, the other, to her!..

On a quiet holiday burial
I am obliged to invite you;
hilarity, each of solitude,
Tickets will deliver ...
Stack frolic throng,
Chapters in wreaths, hand in hand with,
And let the coffin, where the singer

Disappear in the groves of Helicon,
Write your quick cutter:
“Here dormant young man-Sage,
Neg pet and Apollo”.

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Alexander Pushkin
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