Sleep walking with his sickle - Tsvetaeva

Sleep walking with his sickle,
He walks with his death scythe -
King and queen, brother and sister.

- Walk in livered, walk in paradise!
- Walk in the grandfather's barn!

We walked along the blue rivers,
We walked through the deserts,
- Wanderers - to shrines.

- We're not at - IMEM!
- We're not at - IMEM!

- I am an orphan of Christ,
Dissolve the gate
silk handkerchief.

- And to you doplelas.
- Pass! - God will!

- My house - a considerable,
My honey - vaunted,
Rosanne mine - red,
Grapes - Green ...

Bread-to! Of bread!
Wood - full of garden!
Look at the sky-ka -
birds fly!

25 April 1918

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