Istanbul Giaours now glorify…

Istanbul Giaours now glorify,
Tomorrow forged fifth,
As the serpent sleeping, DEAL
And they go away and so will leave.
Istanbul fell asleep before the disaster.

Istanbul renounced the prophet;
In it the truth of the ancient East
Lukavыy West omrachil -
Istanbul to blemish sweets
Supplication and saber changed.
Istanbul weaned from the sweat of battle
And wine drinkers in the hours of prayer.

There is a ray of pure faith extinguished:
There's the wife of the bazaar go,
At the crossroads of the old women send,
And those men administered Harem,
And sleeping bribed the eunuch.

But not so Arzrum upland,
Mnogodorozhny our Arzrum:
We do not sleep in luxury shameful,
Not cherplem bowl unruly
The fault of debauchery, fire and noise.

fast we: jet sober
Some fountains have watered;
Frantic crowd and frisky
Our horsemen into battle fly.
We wives, as eagles, jealous,
Harem our silent,
impenetrable stand.

Allah is great!
We were in Istanbul
Came driven Janissaries -
Then we have a storm bent dale,
And he fell an unprecedented blow.
From Ruschuka to the old Smyrna,
From Trebizond to Tulcea,
Sklikaya dogs on holiday fat,
The crowd went to the butchers;
Popping into the arms of fire,
Toppled houses Janissaries;
bloody teeth
everywhere sticking; smoldering coals;
Crouching on the stakes Dead
numb blackened.
Allah is great. - The Sultan
He was seized by a spirit of anger.

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