Tales Noel.

Hurrah! in Russian rides
Kochuyushtiy despot.
Savior weeps bitterly,
Him and all the people.
Maria troubles Savior scare:
“Do not Cry, child, do not Cry, sir:
beech Here, Beech - Russian tsar!”
The king enters and broadcasts:

“find out, Russian people,
He knows the whole world:
And the Prussian and Austrian
I sewed myself uniform.
About Hail, people: I'm sick, healthy and obese;
I praised newsboy;
I drank, and ate, He promised -
And the matter is not tortured.

Listen to an increase,
What to do next:
Lavrov'll resign,
A Sotsa - in the yellow house:
The law decided by the place you Gorgol,
And the people I have the right people.
According to the royal mercy my,
I give of goodwill”.

Joy in bed
cried the child:
“Neuzh in fact?
Neuzh is not a joke?”
And his mother: “Be-Be! you close your eyes;
Sleep much last time,
Well, listen, the king-father
It tells the tale”.

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Alexander Pushkin
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