Prince of Orange

Quite a battle raced thunder,
Tupilsya bloody sword,
And death corruptly wing
Roared menacingly over the universe!

It is finished ... the gaze of kings
European solid world is based;
Shackles overthrowing villain
Being able to abuse again bound.

He saw in a flame Moscow -
And he was cast out into the horror of the world,
Covered fallen chapter
Blessed Porphyry.

And surrounded by mist led;
come to, and with violent suddenly changed
Already he raised up his shaky throne ...
And fallen have been rejected from the universe.

ceased all. - Do not rush thunder,
Does not possess a bloody sword,
Bran corruptly wing
Not rushing menacingly over the universe.

thank you, O hero boy!
With marvelous hero of Albion
He led the faithful in the last fight
And methyl Lily Bourbon.

Before him rebellious thunder,
Flowed into bloody trail shields;
Storm, he flew in battle haze
And poured the shining glory.

His blood flowed mladaya,
It shines honor ulcer:
crowning, crowned him, love!
Worthy was he a warrior of revenge.

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Alexander Pushkin
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