Pedigree of my hero (an excerpt from a satirical poem.)

NaCN ab ovo:
My Yezerskyy
It comes from those leaders,
Whose in ancient sail forever defiant
Enslaved the shores of the seas.
Odulʹf, his superior kind,
Velymi was ugly chieftain
(Says Sophia Chronograph).
When Olga his son Varlaf
Priya baptism him in Constantinople
With the dowry Greek Princess.
From these two sons born,
Jakub and Dorofei. In ambush
Jakub killed, and Dorofei
He begat twelve sons.

Ondrej, nicknamed Yezerskyy
He begat Ivan da Ilia
And Laura schema Caves.
From here his name
vedutas lake. in turbot
One of them was caught up in a landfill
And there razdavlen how mosquito
Will ask serious Tatars.
But with fame, even with the damage,
another Yezerskyy, Yelizar,
Bathed by the blood of the Tatars,
Between Don and Nepryadva,
Hit from behind in the camp their
With his retinue Suzdal.

In our century old glory,
As in lean times,
Sedition and unrest in the days of bloody
Ezerskih names shine.
They are in the army and in the council.
by voivodship, and in response,

Served valiantly kings.
Of these Yezerskyy Varlaam
Pride famous Boyar;
During the dispute the same time he, then another,
With great dishonor derive
He has been due to the royal meal,
But again came under heavy wrath
And he died, Sitsky reseeding.

When the Duma majestic
Romanov hast taken his crown,
As under the paternal power
Russia finally rested,
And our vorogov resigned, —
Then came Jizerské
The great power of the court,
When Emperor Peter ...
but sorry: articles can,
Reader, I molested you;
Your mind is enlightened spirit of the age,
You are the pride of the nobility did not Eating,
And there is no need to do you any
Before your book generic.

Who would neither was your ancestor,
Mstislav, Prince Kurbsky, il Ermak,
Or Mytyushka Tselovalnyk,
You still. Sure, So;
You despise fathers,
their glory, often, rights
Generous and mentally;
You have renounced them for a long time,
Direct enlightenment for the sake of,
Proud (Use as a general one)
Flaunts its own merits,
Star great-uncle,
Or an invitation to the ball
There, where your grandfather did not happen.

I myself - even in books and verbally
Coming over me Troon -
I am a wimp, as you know,
In this sense, a Democrat;
but I confess: new Khodakovsky,

I love my grandmother Moscow
I listen to talk about the native,
About tolstobrûhoj antiques.
I'm sorry, that our glory sounds
Already we are alien; that casual
From the bar, we climb into the tiers-état,

What we do not go into is the use of science,
And thank you for having us
Do not say, it seems, no one.

I'm sorry, that those sorts boyars
Pale brilliance and spirit niknet;
I'm sorry, that there is no Prince Pozharsky,
What about the other missing and hearing,
That their diarrhea and Figlyarin,
That Russian windy Boyar
He considers kings letters
For dust collection calendars,
That in our mansion forgotten
Desert grass growing,
What heraldic lion
democratic hoof
Now and kicking ass:
Spirit of the age that's gone somewhere!

That's why, archives digging,
I understand in the hour dosuzhny
All pedigree hero,
About whom started his story,
Here offspring commanded.
Jezierski himself firmly in charge,
That his grandfather, great man,
I had twelve thousand souls;
Of these, his father went to
Eighth part, and that full
It had long been laid
And sold annually;
And he lived a salary
And he served as registrar.

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