Feast of Peter the Great

Over the Neva playfully twisted
Flags colorful craft;
Loudly with boats are heard
Songs friendly oarsmen;
The royal house merry feast;
It offers Chmielna, noisy;
And Neva firing heavy
far shocked.

That feast the great king
In Pitersburg-town?
Why firing and clicks
And squadron on the river?
Do honor illuminated new
Russian bayonet il Russian flag?
Whether the Swede defeated stern?
World eh requests formidable enemy?

Or in otyaty edge Swede
Arrived Brantov fragile boat,
And he went to meet his grandfather
The whole family our young fleet,
And militant grandchildren
Become operational before the old man,
And there was in honor of Science
Chorus songs and cannon thunder?

Do Poltava anniversary
triumphant emperor,
Day, as the life of his powers
Saved from Karl Russian tsar?
Mademoiselle Catherine gave birth?
Birthday girl, she l,
browed wife?

No! He reconciled with his subjects;
blame blame
Letting Go, veselytsya;
Mug foams with him one;
And his brow tsaluet,
Bright heart and face;
And forgiveness prevails,
As a victory over the enemy.

That is why the noise and clicks
In Pitersburg-town,
And firing and the thunder of music
And squadron on the river;
That is why in the hour of fun
Bowl full of royal,
And Neva firing heavy
far shocked.

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Alexander Pushkin
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