When Bishop Assyrian…

When Bishop Assyrian
The peoples of the penalty executed,
And Holofernes whole region aziysky
His right hand subdued, —
High humility patient
And strong faith in God's power,
Before satrap proud
Israel vыi not persuaded;
In all the borders of Judea
penetrated thrill. Iere
Clothed with sackcloth altar.
people howled, aghast,
Chapter covering ash and dust,
And he listened to the supreme King.

Pritek satrap of mountain gorges to
And seeth: their narrow gate
Castle closed rebellious;
wall, as a patterned belt,
girded height.

And over the gorge triumph,
As a husband on guard, in silence
costs, Bele, Bethulia
The unattainable heights.

The satrap was confused, amazed -
And the anger in him darkened soul ...
And his advice mingled
He - curious - Questions:
“Who is this nation? and that their strength,
And who is the leader of them, and why
Their hearts are inflamed audacity,
And their hope for someone?…”
And he rose up the sons of Ammon
warlord Achior
And the rivers - and Holofernes from the throne
I bowed to him, and hearing and sight.

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Alexander Pushkin
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