In a letter to. L. Pushkin

Christ is risen, Phoebe pet!
Give god, to grace the sky
Reason in Russia rose;
It is something, it seems, disappeared.
Give god, to the entire universe
Resurrected peace and quiet,
To get to the venerable Academy
Resurrected members from sleep;
To our sinful times
Resurrected ancestral virtue;
To Shikhmatov of evil
Voskresnul new Boileau -
splits, stupidity witness;
And with him more silver
И золота etc..

But let it not be Sunday
Deceased prose and poetry.
Do not be resurrected from oblivion
The late Mr. Bobrov,
Worthy of praise newsboy,
And Miss Nikoleva, the late poet,
And troubled earl Khvostov,
And all, who in the world
Wrote too wise,
I.e, and cold and dark,
What a great shame and a sin!

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Alexander Pushkin
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