That is white on the mountain green?..

That is white on the mountain green?
Does it snow, Ali swans are white?
there was snow - he was? I would have melted,
Were used swans - they would have flown.
That's not the snow and swans are white,
A shatyer Agi Former agi.
It lies in it, all fiercely yzranen.
We visited his sister and mother,
His Luba could not, ashamed,.
As it has become easier in pain,
He ordered his faithful Ljube:
“You do not look for me in my white house,
The White House, nor in all my kind”.
She heard her husband's voice,
Zapechalilas poor Kaduna.
she hears, riding horses on the yard;
Asan-run aginitsa,
He wants to quit, poor, the window,
Her screaming two lovely daughters:
“Vorotysya, our dear mother,
I came not husband Asan Aga,
And your brother came Pintorovich.”
Vorotilasi Former aginitsa,
And she hung on her brother's neck -
“dear brother, that for the shame!
I was driven by five children.”

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Alexander Pushkin
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