Swat Ivan, like drinking we will…

Swat Ivan, like drinking we will,
Certainly much Remember
three Matri, Luke Peter,
Yes Pahomovnu then.
We are alive together with them,
As you want - whatever you want -
These need to remember the,
We need to remember these.
make mention, so remember,
Start off, so begins,
shed, so pour, spill spill.
Start-ka, wedding guest, time to.
three Matri, Luke, Peter
At first? time? Remember beer,
And then Pakhomovna
Pies yes wine,
Yes, it Remember:
We will begin to tell fairy tales -
An expert was, after all
And where it took.
And what a clever joke,
Prigovorki, nursery rhymes,
concoction, epics
Orthodox antiquities!..
listen, so encouraging to the soul.
And I am not drunk and not eaten,
All would be listened to but sat.
Who invented them so okay?
Starikov ever
(Pity, now we do not dosuzhno)
It will be necessary to remember -
To remember and these need to ...
listen, wedding guest, I begin first,
Tale is for you.

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Alexander Pushkin
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