The village footpath Kryven'ka - Yesenin

The village footpath Kryven'ka
The summer evening blue
Recruit went to Livenka
rollicking crowd.

Sang about favorite
Yes, the last days:
"You Goodbye, village rodimoe,
Dark wood and hemp ".

Zori foamed and melted.
All the shouting, pyacha chest:
"To mount rekrutstva mayaly,
And now it's time to gulnut ".

Razmahnuv blond curls,
The dance has embarked fun.
Girls bryakali them beads,
Zazыvali for village.

Brave guys out
For gumennыe knit,
A crafty devchonochka
escape, - catch!

Over green hillocks
Razvevalisya boards.
in polyam, raving with purse,
smiling elderly.

the bushes, in the grass over lykami,
By fearful cry of owls,
They laugh Grove zykami
With an overflow of votes.

The village footpath Kryven'ka,
Stripped of hemp,
Recruit played Livenka
On days are ostalnye.

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