With Homer for a long time you were talking one,
You we have long awaited,
And bright are you descended from the mysterious peaks
And we passed their tablets.
And what? you have found in the desert under the tent,
Foolishly suetnoho pyra,
Exuberant singing a song and jumping around
From our established idol.
we hesitate to, your are alien rays.
In a fit of anger and sadness
Are you cursed, prophet, senseless children,
Whether you broke your tablets?
ABOUT, You did not curse us. Do you like the height
Hiding in the shadow of a small valley,
You love the thunder of heaven, but you also vnemlesh
Bees buzzing on a scarlet rose.
Such direct poet. He laments the soul
On a lush Games Melpomene,
And he smiles fun areal
And woodcut scene Liberty,
The Rome of his calling, the proud Ilion,
That rock elder Ossian,
And with marvelous ease, meanwhile, he flies
In the trail of Bova il Eruslan.

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Alexander Pushkin
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