Confidante magic of antiquity…

Confidante magic of antiquity,
Each fictions playful and sad,
I knew you in the days of my spring,
In the days of joy and dreams of the original.
I was waiting you; the evening stillness
Was you merry old woman,
And me sitting in shushune,
In the big glasses and frolic gremushkoy.
You, children's rocking cradle,
My young ears with tunes captivated
And between Pelen left pipe,
Which itself has bewitched.
infancy passed, as a light sleep.
You loved the boy carefree,
Among the important Muz you only he could remember,
And you it quietly visited;
But whether that was your image, your hat?
How cute are you, how quickly it changed!
How fire smile brightened!
How fire flashed Privetnoye glance!
Cover, klubyas waves neposlushnoy,
Slightly overshadowed your camp semi-Air;
All in curls, obvitaya venkom,
Charmer head fragrance;
Chest white under yellow pearls
Ruddy and fluttered softly ...

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Alexander Pushkin
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